become a Playtron

Rennies, we want you to be a part of the faire! Show us your garb and join us. Only 100 Playtrons will receive this special invitation. Your garb can be from the 1530's-1630's and can be as detailed or as simple as you see fit.

The Playtron pass is $100 and will include:

  • A 5-DAY pass for EVERY. SINGLE. FAIRE. DAY.

  • A playtron exclusive leather bracelet with your own initials.

  • A Lady of the Lake exclusive mug.

  • 1 Pub Crawl

  • A seat at Lord Edward’s table

To apply to be a playtron post a picture in your garb on facebook, instagram, or twitter with the hastag #lakerenfaire and tag us in your posts. You'll also need to email edfoundation@lake.k12.fl.us a photo of you in your garb and a short bio on your Ren experience.

IF SELECTED: You'll be contacted via email with a special code to purchase your 5-DAY playtron pass.