An Educational Program for the Ages...

Education Day provides an opportunity for students to see history in action. Spend time with King James I, Queen Anne, and the Court! Learn about the politics of the day, what they wore and they did for recreation. Students can also witness live demonstrations of master artisans featuring time-honored crafts such as blacksmithing, leather tooling, cooking and more!

Teacher’s Curriculum

We’ve provided lesson plans for Elementary, Middle and High School students. Teachers can easily adapt the outlines to specific needs or requirements. Download our Education Day Discovery Guild for more information on using the Faire as a teaching tool for your children.

About the Lesson Plans:

Elementary School Lesson Plan (Grades K-5) – Talk with the King and Queen and from the facts you learn you will create two picture cubes, showcasing the life of King James and his people.

Middle School Lesson Plan (Grades 6-8) – You are living in England in the year 1606, and you have decided to send a time capsule to the present day. You want people to know what your everyday life is like and some of the struggles you face.

High School Lesson Plan (rades 9-12) – After meeting with King, Queen, Court & Villagers, write, edit, organize and display a newspaper fit for King James himself!